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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 1, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> it is tiger's first missed cut at anon-major since 2005. here is jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> if you are going to speaks you have to pay. >> warnings for drivers. when you will have to start paying tickets from speed cameras. >> i have had conversation with dr. alonso about this issue. >> dozens of suspensions at one baltimore city elementary school. what top officials are doing tonight because of our reports. >> and tons of scientific equipment flying out of control. fate of this nasa experiment. >> live in high definition, from
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wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. karen is off tonight drivers in baltimore county think twice before speeding in school zones. county speed camera program will cost you. keith daniels is here now when the snapping and delivering of the tickets will start. keith? >>well, jeff, county government approved the operation last september for up to 15 locations. and starting monday, two will issue citations. now, photo enforcement signs are posted in the 1200 block of sulfur spring road and halethorpe. one of the two locations up and ring. 13 other locations will be in operation soon. all of them in school zones. since february, violators received only warnings at current locations. but monday you get a ticket. you face civil charges, with the $40 fine with no points on your license. now, neighbors on sulfer spring road welcome the added speed
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enforcement. >> because a lot of these cars come down here, doing 40, 45 miles per hour. it is dangerous. >> well drivers must be traveling, at least, 12 miles per hour over the posted speed limit before the camera snaps and flashs your plates. meantime, the school zones westbound -- school bounds westbound (inaudible). >> >> keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> a developing story out of west baltimore tonight. one man was hospitalized, after a motorcycle accident on mowser street. witnesses say he was performing tricks on his motorcycle. when he suddenly hit something. no word on his condition. >> a 3-year-old hit by an suv in annapolis. it happened in the 700 block of monterey avenue about 2:00. he was flown to hopkins
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pediatrics. police say he ran out from behind a fence. surprising the driver completely. no word on his condition. >> officials in ocean city said human remains washed ashore earlier this week. a partial skeleton washed up wednesday. they are trying to identify the person and figure out the cause of death. >> one man blamed for wednesday fatal car accident recently had federal gun charges dismissed. those charges against umar burley dropped last year. burlow and mathews were suspected of selling drugs when officers approached them. burley reportedly sped off and crashed into the elderly couple's vehicle. 85-year-old albert davis died. his wife remains at shock trauma in serious condition. >> the state fire marshal charges two juveniles with making and using a smoke bomb. it was apparently placed in the bell camp mcdonald's in harford county last week. four employees hospitalized with nausea. if convicted as adults, each
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could face a maximum penalty of 60 years in prison. >> baltimore school officials are deluged tonight with questions about bullying at gilmore elementary. our reports have prompted the mayor and state top educator to demand answers. kathleen cairns has the response now for that story you are seeing first on fox. >> gilmore students spent part of the week at mandatory anti-bullying sessions with counselors. still parents and politicians say they want the city school administration to respond to questions about violence. since the start of this year, children at gilmore have faced 47 suspensions. 18 for physical attacks. and 7 involving bullying. fox 45 news has done a series of reports profiling the violence. which started when we aired the story about shanya. a third grader with cerebral palsy that said that she was attacked by classmates. since our report aired, shanya has been transferred to a new
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school. >> i have had conversation with dr. alonzo about this issue. >> but i can assure you, that dr. alonso and i are discussing it. and so we have to find remedies to these situations. we have heard, as everyone has heard. the most horrible consequences of bullying with children committing suicide. et cetera. >> so far, parent groups, the unions representing teachers and principals. along with the naacp have expressed concern about what is going on inside of gilmore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> also tonight. the baltimore school system faces a 10 million-dollar lawsuit. grandmother of a boy at leaf walk elementary said he tried to hang himself back in december after his teacher ignored complaints about bullying. the lawsuit also said that the teacher pikes of the boy, with her camera phone before helping him out. no comment from the school system tonight. >> constellation energy earned $191 million in the first
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quarter. during the same quarter last year, bge parent company lost almost $120 million. constellation stocks were down on the day. but closed $11 higher than one year ago. however, protestors say bge should be reregulated. they want the psc to lower bills and help customers avoid shut office. >> we have got to not be forced to choose between feeding our families, and paying a gas and electric bill. >>p bge said customers will see the benefits of deregulation and come june, they estimate a 8.4 percent reduction in their bills. >> we're opening our fugitive files yet again tonight profiling two suspected criminals, individuals considered armed and extremely dangerous. joy lepola, has the details on tonight's two suspects. >> well, we have already received a number of calls here at the warrant apprehension task force. but we are still looking for
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more information regarding the whereabouts of tonight's fugitives. here are the two people we are profiling. 33-year-old robert luny wanted for attempted murder. luny is known on the street as l. 5-foot 11, 170 pounds. police suspect back in september of last year, he fired shots at a fellow gang member. the shooting happened on the corner of south calhoon and mchenry streets. the target was hit behind the left ear, luny is considered high ranking member in the black guerilla family. >> besides locking up luny we're hoping to find brianna mosley, 17-year-old wanted in connection with a armed robbery and assault. her victims turned up in the 600 block of east 35th street. she stands 5'5 and weighs 145 pounds. it is suspected that she was one of two people that attacked a girl cutting her face, and arm. then beating her with a stick. the attack followed a robbery of two other people. mosley is to be considered armed
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and dangerous. joining me now is lieutenant colonel jesse oden. talk about mosley. >> do not let her fool you by being a juvenile. she commits adult crimes. living in vacant homes maybe. we need her off the streets. >> all you have to do is pick up the phone. 410-637-8970. you can call us here this evening. or you can go to our website or you can also call 866-7-lockup. reporting from the warrant apprehension task force. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". >> and as joy said the number to call if you have any information whatsoever about these two that police want, the number is here, 410-637-8970. >> this was definitely the day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. and that's what a lot of people did at the inner harbour today. what a great place to go on a day like today. so warm, a few kids got treated to ice cream and water ice.
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there may be more of that this weekend. meteorologist jessica starr joining us with a first look at the sky watch forecast. looks nice out there. water taxis and everything. >> summer like for this weekend. temperatures will be well above normal. close to 90 degrees by sunday. and right now, sitting comfortably at 71 degrees in baltimore. 66 in d.c.. and 64 in oakland. but the humidity will start town crease as the winds are from the south. we will continue to stay clear overnight tonight. but you can see showers and storms. all soced with a cold front. but that will take time to make it in our direction. here is the next day planner. waking up tomorrow to a beautiful day. 58 degrees. sunshine. but warming up fairly quickly to 81 at lunch time. and close to 90 degrees for tomorrow. but another look at when the showers and storms make the way to maryland coming up in a few minutes. >> two recalls to tell you about this evening. first, this wall power adapter
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for laptops. made by targus. 500 reports of the tips overheating. eight people have already been burned. the company is offering a free replacement. >> and a ankle clamp on inversion fitness benches can loosen unexpectedly. 23 people were injured so far. some suffering head and neck injuries. a free repair kit is offered by icon fitness. >> and there is more information to be had on our website about these recalls. and much, much more. go to links. >> next on the "late edition". likelihood of bringing tough arizona immigration laws right here to the state of maryland. and new estimates about the size of the massive oil s 7
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>> o expert said the amount of oil leak fringe a sunken rig in the gulf of mexico may be greater than previouslyp anticipated. the scientist said eight to 9,000,000 gallons of oil may have leaked so far. that five times more than what the coast guard has been estimating. the president said major changes are in store for future offshore drilling projects. >> i have ordered secretary salazar to conduct a thorough review of this incident. and report back to me in 30 days on what, if any, additional
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precautions and technologist should be required to prevent accidents like this from happening again. we will make sure that any leases going forward, have those safeguards. >> some 200,000 gallons of oil are leaking into the water each and every day. >> since much of maryland's seafood comes from the gulf. restaurant owners here are very concerned about how it will affect their supplies. owners are predicting seafood prices in the state is to soar. >> demand will be sky high. and supply will be low. so you will see more crabs out of north carolina and more out of maryland. they will obviously raise their prices if this happens. >> maryland seafood distributors say it is just too early to tell. the true impact of the spill. in the gulf of mexico. >> that new law in arizona cracking down on illegals is having a ripple effect nationwide. right here in maryland. state lawmaker is pushing for a similar measure f adopted police
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could detain drivers if they cannot prove u.s. citizenship. some fear profiling. but delegate mcdonogh said maryland is paying the price for weaken forcement of the laws already. >> 300,000 plus illegal immigrants. $2 billion in expenses. crimes, gangs, drugs, all of that, for being an open border state. >> i doubt maryland would pass such a law because of our aversion to the notion of detaining people indefinitely until they can prove their citizenship without any charge. >> tomorrow, thousands of people who oppose arizona's immigration law are expected to protest in washington d.c.. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. does maryland need an immigration law like the one they have in arizona? so far 88 percent say yes. 12 percent say no. cj writes, illegal in the country earning american dollars and sending them out of the country hurts our question. and jackie writes on facebook, i think there would be a huge market for counterfeit id's if a
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law like that passes. >> absolutely beautiful outside today. get ready for a great week. we're told by our own meteorologist jessica starr. joining us now with a look at the forecast. >> it is a hard one. hard to spell it too. people ask me. 74 degrees. beautiful day outside today. 74 at the inner harbour. great evening for the orioles game. partly cloudy skies. winds currently calm. it was blustery out there early for today. and humidity is slowly climbing as the winds will start to shift toward the south. humidity right now at 56 percent. the temperatures across the northeast, fairly comfortable. but still warm. 71 degrees. in baltimore. 70 in harrisburg. 70 in pittsburg. and 75 in cleveland. so on radar you can see most of the northeast is dealing with clear conditions. so overnight tonight, clear skies. waking up tomorrow morning to just a lot of sunshine out there. but you can see actually clouds and thunderstorms starting to make the way into western
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maryland. also has a cold front pressing in our direction. so we have the chance to see some thunderstorms in our area. but again, winds were strong. subsided now. out of the south, which will bring in the moisture. and the humidity, for the weekend. so it will feel warmer for tomorrow. with the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. so going through the day on our future scan. dry, wake up with sunshine. but hot and humid tomorrow. and cannot rule out a isolated shower or thunderstorm with the atmosphere so warm and unstable as the cold front takes its time inching closer. best chance for showers and storms this weekend is late in the day sunday. in to monday. and as the system starts to push closer. one model, outer future scan model preak tickets how warm for tomorrow. when you factor in the humidity again. like i said t makes it feel warmer. so this is one model showing that downtown baltimore, by 2:00 tomorrow, saturday, could be feeling like 91 degrees for tomorrow. so it is going to be hot and humid, well above normal for
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temperatures. 86 degrees. partly cloudy skies. and again the winds from the south. next five days are summer like. 86 saturday. 87 on sunday with a better chance of thunderstorms later in the day sunday to monday. passing of the cold front. takes its time. and then again tuesday and wednesday we're dry but temperatures stay above normal. i will have a look at the seven-day forecast. coming up in a few minutes. >> that was meteorologist jessica starr, everybody. now it is going to be a beautiful weekend as she just said. great chance to be more healthy. thanks for the applause. all day tomorrow at the convention center downtown. fox 45 will be helping you get started on your path to fitness. we will have experts and new nutrition, physical fitness and mental health. health tests and screenings, and cookingdy demonstrations. and games for the children. >> obesity is a rampant disease in this country with over 60 percent of the country being obese. it is the highest obesity rate in the world.
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we're trying to get america healthy one person at a time. >> also have a chance to meet our anchors and reporters, and meteorologist jessica starr. the expo is free for everyone. it is tomorrow from nine to five at the baltimore convention center. >> next on the "late edition". tons of equipment flying out of control. the fate of the people nearby. coming up next. >>have the o's picked up a division win at
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>> nasa balloon launch in australia goes wrong. get this. the two time platform carrying scientific instruments was blown out of control. it even overturned the vehicle of a spectator. you can see him running from the scene. two people in the car next to him felt lucky to be alive. >> it was just lots of noise and we thought we were gone. >> scientists tried to salvage what was left of a multi-million dollar telescope and other instruments. nasa hopes to launch another
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balloon next month. >> for two mornings in a row, this dog held up traffic on eisenhower expressway in illinois. >> chopper 7 hd over the eisenhower. and there is the dog. >> the pit bull was even hit by a car. the car lost a fog lamp but the dog kept going. police chased him for nearly two hours, until he finally surrendered. >> he kind of curled up and, you know, like a good criminal he knew the game was up. it was over. he laid down and closed his eyes. >> the dog they now call eisenhower was treated at a vet for dehydration. he will be put in a shelter if no owner comes forward to claim him. candace dold, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the orioles had a chance to win the first series of the season last night. against the yankees. but were not able to pull it off. tonight they faced another divisional foe. the boston red sox.
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they took one from boston the last time they met. could they get another one tonight to close out the month? bottom of the first. no score. wieters up with runners on second and third. he punches it through the left side of the infield. adam jones crosses home to give the birds an early lead. and top of the second. red sox answer. down 2-0. jd drew up with no one on. hits a deep fly ball to left center. to the first row of seats. his third boston down, 2-1. bottom of the fourth. wigginton hits a sharp grounder tor third. beltrade cannot handle it. miguel tajeda heads home on the error. birds are up 3-1. top of the fifth. one out. hernandez gets scutaro swinging. trying to steal third. and guns him down. birds lead. and top of the fifth. pedroia at the plate. he serves the other way. markakis can only watch. as it just gets out enough for
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the solo shot. pedroia's six of the year. boston down. and move to the eighth. game tied. drew came into the game with just two home runs on the season. and tonight, he hits two. this one, to center. red sox take the first leave of the game. 4-3. miguel tajeda on, no one on. he anighlates the ball into the backseats. game is tied. this one went to stras. in the bottom of the 10th. miguel tajeda up. two on, two out. he bounces it back up the middle. jones, on his horse. he scores the game winning run from second. miguel tajeda with a big night. and orioles are in the win column to end april 5-4 the final in 10. >> and this weekend it is time to take out your big fancy hats and drink mint jew lip. it is kentucky derby weekend. the first stop in the race for the triple crown.
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maybe i have had too many mint jew lips. saturday, 20 horses will compete in the run for the roses. 19 boys and 1 girl. if you remember preakness last year, rachael alex dan sandra gave the boys a run for the money. and this year the lone philly is 10 to-1 odds. >> the one thing she does well is run a sense of ground. >> now to, golf and the quail hollow championship where tiger misses the cut for the sixth time in 241 pga tour events as a professional. he posted the worst score over 36 holes, shooting 153. he also tied his worst nine hole score on the back nine today. shooting a 43. woods have not missed a cut since 2006 when he mid at the u.s. open following the death of his father. >> he has not missed a cut at a
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non-major since 2005. >> shot and sunny for saturday. final look at the forecast after the break. yoplait light. it is so good.
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>> the weaer this weekend is going to be spectacular. go to the weather person. our meteorologist. best person in the world. jessica starr. >> i think you should spell it right now. >> okay. all right. back to the weather. 86 degrees tomorrow saturday. partly cloudy skies. isolated chance for pop up thunderstorm. slight chance. better chance for thunderstorms come late sunday to monday. and hot one for sunday. hot and humid. 87 for a high temperature sunday. 80 on monday. and that system pulls out and again we stick with the above normal temperatures. and sunshine. 77 both tuesday and wednesday. and 80 both thursday and friday. that's the forecast. jeff? >> og i s t. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at use the tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to that does it for the "late editio


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